Navasol Property Maintenance

At Navasol Real Estate, we offer our property owners a wide range of services to ensure their investment is always in tip-top condition when they need to use it and peace of mind that there is always someone on hand looking after their home in their absence. We tailor each individual service to the clients requirements. Our staff are fluent English speaking as well as Spanish, French and Russian.

We offer the following sevices to ensure this :-

1. Mail collection and forwarding – We can set up to forward all important mail to you in your country of origin, making sure you do not miss those important bills any time of the year, we can set up your direct debits and bank account so you can easily maintain your property at all times. From electric and water bills to community and council rates, we can make sure these are easy to keep track of and paid on time preventing costly interest for unpaid bills. You don’t need arrive your water or electric cut off!

2. Cleaning and Laundry Services – We have cleaners and laundry sevices we can supply so you do not have to worry about the dreaded cleaning task on arrival and departure, and if you wish friends and family to use your property, they too can arrive and depart carefree without losing precious beachtime on cleaning and doing all the washing before they go!

3. Maintenance Services – We also supply all types of electricians and plumbers and builders to maintain your property – ever wondered what would happen if you arrive and the boiler has broken or a pipe is leaking and you dont speak Spanish?! – look no further! We have trained staff who can be called out to repair all these and many other problems you may encounter. Everything is dealt with by Navasol and quotes are obtained for you to make sure you are getting the right deal at all times. We also liase with your insurance company to make sure all problems are solved quickly.

4. Rental and Key holding services – Would you like to cover your bills by renting your property? – we can also give advice and advertise your property for you to maximise your income during periods when you are not using it.

5. Official paperwork – Do you have a Will here in Spain if you own a property? NIE fiscal identity number, Residency details, Health care, we can also advise and arrange all these for you.

6. Property Searches – If you need a search done on your property, land registry, council, or just to check out your deeds are in order- we have professionals that can help you. We also provide translation sevices for paperwork or for visits to official meetings.

Whatever service you are looking for and do not see it on our list, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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